About Me

About Me. I live in the beautiful town of Iowa Colony, TX (just outside of Houston, TX). My photography career has been about 15 years now, I considered it to be a wonderful hobby and profession I enjoy doing. Being able to capture the moment and share with friends and family for many years to come!

"Doing What I do Best!"

“Doing What I do Best!”

I remember my first time as a kid when my father decided to take us camping. Before we left, he was digging in this bag of his and then he pulled out this Canon Camera (the kind that uses roll up film). Since then, he decided to let me take photos with it and that’s when it sparked me to start taking photos.

After High School, I joined the U.S. Navy (this explains the high & tight in the picture) and decided to purchase my own camera. Rebel XSI DSLR. I just fell in love with it and just started clicking away. After many years later, I decided to get the courage to get a full frame camera from Camera. I absolutely enjoying using the full frame to catch all those precious moments life has to offer.

My photography style is photo-journalism as I capture the world as I see it unfold; this type of style really allows me to be unique from other photographers. Being able to capture the moment in time will allow others to be able to see what actually went on. With this type of style, it allows anyone to be able to look at the photos and be able to re-live the moment “in time”.

Quality and professionalism are elements that I ensure throughout any photo-session.  Being able to produce images that are of high standing quality requires a lot of time, effort, and skill which is what goes into every captured moment.

If you’re interested, please feel free to message me or give me a call so we can schedule a session.

*References are available on request.